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Yeah well I skill come on baby you're gonna bring me level 10 you don't know how important you are in my life yeah I swear to everything that exists in, this world I will destroy you so hard i don't know why i haven't vendetta against this guy dude get him you idiot focusing on me I'm bigger what's up, everybody mi GP and welcome it to brutes I oh it's. An IO game that's pretty much the best way you can describe any i/o game generally you control a. Character who then has to destroy other characters or collect certain things to grow or get better and then you can dominate. The server that you end up joining basically you're controlling this ogre but you control them and you beat the out of everyone and, the more people you beat, the out of and/or kill you get more points and then you can grow and level up and become stronger and do special stuff, there's also things scattered all around the map that can aid you in doing this and it's just a lot of fun let's go and jump right into it, all right so I'm gonna beat this I'm gonna try to beat the out of this dude he seems like someone I want. To beat up I knocked him out and, then you could just continuously punch them all they're down and then kill them and then, you collect all these little wobbly circle things without falling off the map I almost fell up the map and as you. Collect these in the bottom right corner you can see I'm level one and it fills up you can also kill chicken that's a good that's. A good start hey ogre what's up dude come here knock your ass out and I'm gonna kill.

You my goal is to become the biggest I can possibly be oh no get away from me. Oh I missed I missed I missed food come here how do I keep missing I killed him nevermind yeah and then when, he levels up he has a spasm and then he becomes bigger dude i wish that could. Actually happened can you imagine lifting weights for like maybe an hour and then all of a sudden you, just sprout up be amazing what's up dude it's actually rather easy to beat people in this game oh god oh god nevermind I'm. Gonna die why am i running faster than everybody does anybody else notice that I'm running, faster than everyone else anyway so this is a graveyard map it's actually the only map that's currently available the other ones are gonna be coming soon stop it you're dead you know, you got you really you really got to. Appreciate beating the out of people I think there's a big dude up here I don't want to mess with where's. The big old someone killed him someone killed him hell yeah I give me all this dude, I'm leveling up quick this is easy hmm I don't like you come here no hey come here I'm gonna kick your ass dude come here God come on I just want, to kick your ass huh dumbass just realize it. Was a little dark so I up the UH I update you guys. Can see better oh oh oh no no no leave me alone leave me alone someone just leveled up nope get, away from me dude you're too big you're you're you're a big er dude I'm gonna I I need to step back and realize when my my capacity what am I trying to say basically I. Need not to. Die that's that's the most important thing need not to die you lose all your progress come here you little bitch I'm gonna get your purpley stuff like I don't even know what this stuff. Is really like spirit parts or oh god what hell no, dude are you insane get away from me dude he's really trying to get up here Oh God mmm get the bomb kick his ass which was the police ah he's, not gonna get me dude he's not gonna get me if I get hit. By anybody I'm ed where's some chickens do I need a chick give me a chicken. Get over here I need to recover some damn health oh dude, that guy is he's at a million oh dude can we take this guy down like together please chicken chicken huh you come here nope come here kick your ass dude I really need to, kick your ass oh god oh, god it's over whoa huh-huh big guy he's really trying to kill me dude oh did I kill them with that hell yeah dude that's what I'm talking about i need to get a little bit, bigger there, we go yay costume we got plus one kill hell yeah you have to turn off ad block for that but that's fine I'm don't, mind watching ads for you see and I'm not going to deny that I owe games are fun they generally are fun I, just I really don't want to keep playing like copies of each thing oh i'm, dead i'm so dead nope nope dust get off of me yeah ah off dude so annoying I'm gonna get big and I'm gonna, kick your stupid ass get on my damn nerves give me this give me this chicken, give me this chicken juice gotta love me some chicken juice all right this guy is really trying to kill me hard you can go ahead and kill, all these guys if you want and I'll steal all your . Come here Oh nope I'm gone goodbye goodbye now I wonder if that guy is like so big nevermind nevermind i was wondering if he was like so big that he couldn't really fit.

Up that, ramp but he totally did I gotta get this blue guy dude he's gonna die he's gonna die real soon come here i'ma charge up my 50 and I'm gonna fist you so hard come here ha. Ha ha ha. He's dead is he gonna come back over here yes yes give me all that juice dude I just watch you die and I get all of your credit oh god red guy red guy red guy, right Chuck this is bad this is bad if. He hits me with that charge shot it's over dude all right I'm number 2 i'm getting close i'm getting pretty close i just got to keep killing and avoid, him dude there are a lot of people here holy god this red guy dude, he is so big he just keeps growing too he's at a million what am I supposed to do with that I. Guess I just keep going until I until. I can outdo him or if he gets ambushed we can take him out pretty quick I guess oh my, god he's just charging up his fists leave me alone I want to be higher than everyone else I got to be higher than you I'm five though I. Think that's pretty good i seem to be able to kill immediately after knocking them down so that's also good i could also just. Be picking up scraps from people that's probably not a bad. Idea also and i think the bigger he is the more you can actually hear him walking around so I can kind of hope I just kidding I'm just kidding just, kidding that. Was just a joke I thought I heard him stomping around but I guess that was just his fist going ape wait am I gonna kill myself. With that how do I throw it how do I throw it that I think I just suicided I. Just sooo excited why god damn it rah I gotta do that all over again this is dumb oh. Yes give me all of that dude thanks dude you're a friend you are a friend what. Does that mean this guy has a halo around his name what the hell does that mean dude is he does he have like, a leaderboard score or something hey dude he is so big this is he's too big he's too big dude he kill. He knocked the guy out in one hit what the hell he's just running around knocking fools out oh god I guess. You can't really form alliances here but it seems like some people aren't really fighting I need help I'm gonna, die yes give me some help please yeah I have all wow that guy, just blew me up with a bomb what a dick hole what the how did, this guy move so fast leave me alone come on leave me alone oh I'm dead I'm dead nope I'm not dead why is this guy so relentless on me right now oh hey. I'm the leader what happened let's go I don't have anyone to fear hell yeah I don't. Know what happened but someone got killed maybe both of them. Were fighting and then they got killed wow that's by default we get to be the leader that's pretty cool yay level up level, 5 back to where we were and we're king dude and we are king right now get out of here dude stop running away you will bitch I feel. Like I'm the red guy now who was chasing me earlier come here I, want your juice blue guy I damn it just died dude you die you're gonna explode and die like an, idiot so what he did what a nub hell yeah give me all that stuff I got it anyway oh that was fun I feel, bad though I feel that I know he worked very hard to get where he was just another day being, a huge hell yeah what what you steal my and level, up what a dick don't do that you can make you make if you don't want to make the whole kangri i'm gonna steal. Your kills though tell you what yeah you're good what's wrong with this guy he's like in the ground, hey I got him plus 3,000 yo another 3000 kill what's happening oh ok I, think I was killing him over and over again that's fine oh we unlocked to Brewster yay we. Got a costume that's cool so at this point the game becomes a grind takes forever to level up but pretty fun to.

In people's fun by just killing time as soon as they spawn it's a terrible game dude and, it's terrible in a sense it's a good well-developed games just terrible. In the sense that you people over so quickly I mean that's all I Oh games really at least ones words competitive like I was. The first one I played I can't remember the first I Oh game I played but it was like very basic shapes you become, you're a circle and you get bigger as you destroy. Other people or no you have to swallow them it was really weird you could split yourself off or something like that that was actually pretty fun it got kind of addicting but then, after that one I feel like that was the first successful one and then everyone started making io games. And it's just kind of like okay we get the idea there's a lot of people that have some big some big muscles around here and. I'm have to. Take that from them you got something to say Jay let's go Jay where you go and Jay. I got a bone to pick with you well why won't he go down what's up with that hey are you cheating what the hell that was weird hahahaha evolved in, old god I'm huge dude what I'm just swinging my giant fists what is even happening I'm gonna kick all these, guys ass dude oh whoa whoa whoa hey get the hell off me all right I'm gonna charge my fist and whack oh. God dude I am so powerful right.

Now holy I don't know I can't even go up that hill dude can't even go up it so we're level 7 right now and we can barely walk oh god dude I'm. At almost half a million points I wonder who the guy was at 1.2 million what duh whoa what hell what's up. Fellas just your friendly neighborhood Hulk getting all big are you guys like are you guys trying. To fight me cuz it's not working whoop someone just live it up time to eat me some J what's up J am I, gonna have to kill you dude I don't want to have, to kill you it's very hard for me to get up these hills slow down all right I'm just got to kill some peasants for a second no worries just uh, another part of the job are you going sexy and. I don't worry I'm not I'm not gonna kill you Santa Claus get hell off our mate that should be a costume kill right oh wait he's not dead dude, I'm telling you every time it'll be the smallest. One because I get only a thousand for it and then all of a sudden it just have like more health it's stupid that's fine. I'll get blood gang Moses eventually I don't think. They're gonna catch up to me I'm really far ahead I either those two fought each other and then someone else picked up all their scrap, Lee scraps or maybe I just got lucky and they like logged out at the same time but I got King and I haven't dropped it since oh this little, chicken loves me this little chicken is all like up, my ass what's up dude the hell out of here. Poking in my ass hahaha let's go dude level eight how does it feel how does it feel what got 3,000 for that dude hell yes give me the juices.

Okay I'm like way too big now let's go let's go oh my god dude just. Spawn camping killing the that's Jay isn't it all right we got to kill Jay he's not gonna let me kill, him them but if he keeps growing at the same rate I'm growing you know you're never going to be able, to beat me so you're always going to have to be running. Until you can't run fast and huff and 10 I kick your ass someone knock him out come on I want to kill him all right kick his ass dude I'm gonna kick. His ass from here until next Tuesday nope I need all this stuff, way more important to get the stuff from you there we go we're halfway to nine dude if we make it to level 10 i. Think is I think we I don't think so does he realize he's going to commit suicide does he. Realize that it's over oh my god Jay Jay y YJ, fun times now there's pretty much no competition I think he did what I did and tried to pick up the bomb just to just to try to throw, it at me I don't know if there's a throw button i think it's literally just a suicide thing like, because if you're a low-level you can kill that guy just to get rid of. The competition so you can actually rise faster too because as long as the big guys around it's pretty much done for everyone hey J what up J oh he's running, he's ready to run what's up dude I mess with Jay. Another day Jay for another day some day haha level 9 alright so Jay is dead again now we got a guy called brute there you. Are come here bitch where are you going now if I can get, one whack on brute with this I'm pretty sure it'll knock him straight.

Out oh dude brute get knocked out no that's that's the rocky guy ha what what what a fun time this. Is actually kind of good i'm at a million a i hit a million points holy i'm not, even level 10 yet so i'm assuming level 10 is probably what the other guy got to at that one that one time damn. It ha come back see if someone else was there to like help that would have been super helpful technically this isn't camping so people can't get mad at. Me I'm well I'm walking I promise you it's just taking. Forever to get somewhere the bigger I gets the more food I need to eat the more. I way harder it is on my knees my old nice where are you goin uhhh where are you going to go why do. You why are you doing this huh why are you trying to make this especially difficult for me you're not going anywhere bitch I'm gonna, take you out yes ah I got you brute hope, he's still up though he's still up still gonna collect her juices though that's all I wanted was just a little bit of use you better run ma. It's over it's over hell yeah oh you hate me so. Hard right now don't you you head I was gonna kill brew but then he was there and I'm like dude he looks like something, I need to kill ah he hates me so much I feel so bad dude i just got to get to level 10 and. Then this video will be complete it's actually kind of fun except the the. Growth the like the plateau is like hard dude it's hard to get past what. The hell oh when he levels up its super-powered that's awesome oh my god we need so much juice all of those kills and we barely got past halfway when I was already at halfway that's, nuts I'm gonna let these guys build up a little bit because I'm gonna have to kill some stronger people in. Order to get anywhere Oh no I don't think so knocked me, out it knocked me out I'm good I'm good dude the bomb does nothing all it. Does is knock me out I guess if a bigger guy did it but at the same, time it's like you'd have to be super you're going to kill yourself first of all it's, a suicide thing so you have to have someone suicide for you if you could form an alliance and then you can take, out the big dude hey brute it's gonna knock me out damn it that's so annoying oh oh people are lagging people are lagging, oh boy I'm dead no I don't think so goodbye dude they. Are trying so hard to blow me up with a bomb almost at level 10 though we almost there boys I don't know how I can get any bigger to be honest we are almost there we are, so close so close I think a few more kills ought to do it hey. Speaking of come here come on he's so. Guess well that's kill come on baby you're gonna break me level 10 you don't know how important you are in, my life yes woh prestige I don't know what that means but we are level 10 I mean it's too bad you. Can't save your progress you know because otherwise you know i don't know level ten awesome but i figured i. Would get like a new attack or something but nope I'm just a bigger version of the same guy okay. So he must have hit level 10 because I remember him getting the halo so he got level 10 how long do they expect you to play this game for her put on knocked you. All out Oh God the quadruple dude off being a brute is so beautiful listen, you're not going to get too far ahead okay you can run you, can hide but you won't be able to hide long I'll know where you go hey I'm talking to, you alright so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna stand over here and I'm just gonna let people do the elf hang get some kills gets get some big. Thing once somebody is at like 200 k i'll come back i'll come back and come cook imma go kill him I'm, gonna get kicked up off me alright I'll ride out right there's a, lot of people on the board now so now it's time to go and show them who's the king king has awoken from his slumber ready, to kick some, what's up dudes what's going on you guys running I do like how the bravery is completely reversed. From what you would imagine like the smaller the guys are the more they actually attack me and the bigger guys because they got to a certain point in the. Game they're like okay I need to stop being risky. And trying to kill this guy it's actually pretty funny hi I got you dude sorry Drago you're gonna have to die I wonder if he was trying to team up, with me well it's too late to find out you did what's up big guy or the hell do you think you're going come here yeah. Dude die die die I just want some of your juice dude hell yeah dude 7,000 for that kill I let that guy, build up for like 20 minutes and that didn't do anything it's like, what hopefully there's not anything past level 10 because i feel like i have to get get it you know what, I mean like hopefully it stops at 10 and I just start getting different Awards cuz if I have to go to like, 20 dude I don't have the patient who has. The time to sit and do that hey I hit two million two million. Points means nothing basically whoa someone just tried to suicide bomb me that's the old God did I kill him oh I killed them without it blowing up, that's beautiful i did not know you could do that instead of running away we could just smack the bottom out of their hand to the chuck norris style dude whoa. Dude that is nuts I I fear that when, I'm walking in a bridge that someone's just gonna fly by. With a rocket and push me off and then I'm dead and then everyone can eat my juicy parts and I don't I don't want that to happen I don't want the, juicy parts to be eaten I can't remember what the high. Score was I saw it on Twitter maybe it was like 2.4 million but that was like two days ago so it's probably higher than that by now oh this is, a juicy fight let's go give me all of this all of. It now damn it I missed I'm the worst hey I know I'm big and scary but stabbed in the name of the law i'm. Good trying to kill you no don't let him recover God you I suck don't even care anymore let him build, up if he builds up there's more points, for me later on hell yeah prestige two bitches hell yeah dude almost 2.5 mil who wants to mess with Daddy so you go up to level 11, and you get a second prestige okay so you don't have to go through ten levels again that's. Fine holy crap it does so I get so little on my bar dude oh my god a one green guy again. Come back come back you're the only one is gonna make a dent in this level boosting thing come on please help out your fellow brother green guy as. Hulks can't go alone oh I, hit him come on come on guys knock him out knock him out get over here doing them too fat to walk up , sandal oh god what's up well this is kind of annoying I mean you're not going to get, anywhere that's the problem is that you can't if you stay here with me you're either going to get attacked. Or you're just not going to get any bigger and then everyone else is gonna be bigger than you and then you're going to die this is a bad choice what you're. Doing right now a bad choice there we go what and, why is he picking a fight with the purple dude come on guys let's have a brawl what's the problem oh now green, guy wants to tango hey god damn it how did that last hit not hit him, I am at 2.5 mil dude 2.5 mil ah that didn't kill him I should have knocked him out dude it was a full charged punch, what the hell is even happening yes get, down ah give me that sweet sweet juice come back God you have so much in you I. Want to eat get me oh god dammit haha you're a big asshole that's all you are is a giant asshole joint gaping I'm going to murder this guy so. Fast get off of me i am bid 8 i'm trying to kill this guy please let me do it, please just let me do it oh my god it's gotta be another dude dropping in any point get out of here oh you dead now son.

You are dead get over here yes die die die know how is he. Still alive somebody kill him god damn it I swear to everything that exists in this world. I will destroy you so hard i don't know why i haven't vendetta against this guy damn it dude get him you idiot stop focusing on me I'm bigger than. Him good you deserve that move move something to take care of here he has very little health if you. Guys, could just kill him please alright where is this dumb bitch he's chasing me all around the place yes yes the er is dead give me. All that juice you get away from me no I need the juice more than you do ok now it's getting like super hectic there, are people everywhere dude I might be able to get to. 3 million pretty soon man we are so close are you guys gonna give me three milk get up you gave me three male hell yeah although I got nothing for it i'm nowhere near leveling, up to prestige three this is just impossible impossible maybe. We can get the four million I don't know but I'm a big. As brute the Hulk the big dude everybody fears me I've let some time go people are building up some some juicy parts for me and I want to eat them all if I'm going to. Die if I'm going to end this run because I can't lose. Then I'm just going to I'm gonna let someone kill me that. Would be the best course of action so that way someone can benefit from all my hard work this big purple dude you're coming with me yeah I knock him out oh dude that hit him why did it., Ah dude some of that some of the mechanics in this or just kind of jank look all these big dudes look at all these big, dudes dude oh that is such bull dude he is cheating some of these people I swear are like reducing their like using cheat engine. Or something and getting rid of their their hit far or their knockout bar because I heard it hit. Them and I saw it hit him and he'd nothing happened to his knockout bar that's such bull thanks guys are we, gonna be a team hey can we be a, team maybe we can be a team see this is why I need friends so we can actually team up because I can trust these guys all day long but I I just imagine that they're gonna betray, me at some point they're gonna be like look this. Guy's got a lot got three point one mil in the bank and we want it I just really want to kill this green guy now this green guys getting on, my nerves being. Alive and damn it wasting all my juice wasting on my Liberty slops I want all the in my body I'm so big now I honestly can't tell what normal sizes anymore ooh ooh let's. Go oh let's go oh. You're dead dude oh you're dead what what not even an inch not even a. Little peep on his hit oh my god you big ass cheater dude you were the biggest cheater oh my God he's gonna play ring around the Rosie with me I swear dude. These people are cheating and they're stopping it when. When people are noticing so that way they're like no I wasn't cheating see my hip bar goes up right here against the little guy see how did it, not what I know but I know I missed like my actual fist hitting them but I also can like I can hit these guys behind, me oh did he just lag out what yo he just quit. Out oh I wish you would land his body was laying back up top and give us all the juices but yeah I can kill. People behind me by hitting cuz im so, big so i know that if i hit anywhere around him if I'm just near him it's going to hit him Archie, was gone for a second then he's back oh if you leave the server I don't want to test this I.

Can't tell I don't want to I don't want to test it if i leave the server and i come back will i still have my stuff oh no no no. I lost everything I lost everything god, damn it that's all the time I have for you guys thank you so much for watching I'm pretty sure that was a high score I'm. Pretty sure that was the highest score that I have seen so far does it say it does not say. Scores uh I guess how do i go back to the main menu I, guess let's quit the game here we go where the leaderboards subscribed no scores yeah daily global scoreboard hell yeah dude three mil look at that dude I am so good at. This game I am so good anyway that's, all the time thank you guys so much for watching if you enjoyed it once more. For some reason be sure to let me know in the comments section below hit that like button subscribe if you haven't already to keep, up the day with all my latest videos I love you all and I will see, you guys in the next one bye bye .