– Bomb Dropping and Hulk Smashing

Hey everybody I'm blitz welcome to brand-new Iovine called brutes dot io sober CIO is kind of the next generation io game. Where it's really instead of like a 2d image on a 2d map this is more of a 3d image on a 3d map we run. Around punching our buddies out and collecting their experience to gain our own experience that's basically the whole idea behind, it is currently in beta axis so I'll have linked down below you guys can sign up for it if not just, wait a couple weeks and they will be coming out publicly so let's have some fun with it I'll have the links and stuff down.

Below in the video description you can take a peek at so here we go ok mom let's do it let's roll oh man I'll dis, the three the free goodies oh ho we did one of the season all right. Oh wow this is gonna be a brawl surgery was gonna tape it oh my god everybody Oh, show me out here you're going down already he'll say left out welcome like leave it leave it, let's don't get marry just run through you have to bleed I just assumed that my I. Feel Akash me hey see you that stupid tree Creek oh oh great oh yeah three orbs diffident free words come out please sucker, punch me buddy oh my god always rocket, town oh I got this I got this I got this hot sand bullets yuh get him not me no I. Mean man Oh get him get up we did I die when flying off the friggin way well I won't let me get him look good. Why is everyone going after me hurt you you always do what hell that's why you oh wait a minute knows well after him turn around turn I'll get, him ba-ba-ba-ba-bom done merely been betrayed me love you will die next to me well not only no Rach I'm getting, oh come on man dream vandread battery is no where Matt was. Through the head a lot of chatter of it oh yeah it's some chicken you're done Joe now we gonna sort of mad at, me though copy here oh you're great you're pretty yeah no no no no no no no no no. No no no no no no get him get him Oh seat up, without him do it come here all of it left me alone I look for bigger fish I'll chamfered him whole nope I me more hell to keep, Oh attention no good I'm getting out of here and I'm just gonna steal a Lucy top hey oh no no. It was that crazy let's have the, type of what oh ok we're going for it there's going for it where's the brawler where's the brawl no I or accidentally clicked Oh regular because that oh ok no I'll villain here d nope none for you. Sir oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah LOL back off back off and only question. To the box your Creed, yeah get a duck you down here to get out yeah whoa chill man and I was over gonna roll I'm not very justice just video isn't for another bridge, compadre oh yeah here we go technically need to do that alright attack. Somebody gotta take him out he killed me in a game controller I can't either but no no no no no yeah.

Bomb Youngblood subdue the blue whoa whoa oh alright I guys nice nice nice get him oh oh yeah. Oh yeah get all the ball is eat the balls no no please please stop hitting me he calls for eyes oh come on just. Appeared next to me out of no way I'm let's get them that did not work as I'd anticipated why get me get. Less don't get with that listen to leader you don't want to get that exactly I ever there oies la la oh no, no no no no no no yep yep yeah no no no nope nope nope. Nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope I think yes why is everybody after me ionamin so small this is everybody wants the, big dog died whatever doesn't get how I 00 will punch this chicken house because he'll we've got everyone behind. Us get along and Ephesus Oh to people that fell off great, giving you one more hit oh my gosh right away running play I'm off, the gas now Kim oh wait wrong game okay I be nice oh that's right that's right that wasn't a fun primary god it was terrifying ought. To tell him finish it off oh there there we go i. Held that nice job in tech come here how much help you get no no yeah none else for me guys we need to take a check out your lies right get your big room with you you all, know yeah i got is bigger than any of us yeah sure that's better well we. Stand really can't let them bring him oh my word oh my word this oh okay kit oh oh god I shake it dang. I'm out you working take him out teamwork teamwork teamwork oh this is the dream team all right I'm so. Big I can't.

Even run away where is he where is he no I'm not to him are you oh yeah yeah you're welcome i got like we should still alive, great rah oh no the chickens nope nope nope kept up red, red red red riding me i drugged you are allowed to leave I had chickens belong to me the chicken chaser oh great Peter I here I keep something on fire hey, great i'm bringing you some friends i'll bet you off are they explosive haha probably oh ok ok ok. Ok ok i'll stop hitting you up get him look good in, there is just huge mmm we need to take down the beach JJ I khmer i must I went the wrong with God I think I think which is after us he's not, on ours, yeah you're totally not where there's no like whoops like I don't know why I couldn't help with the split from so forget it I can't do it I gotta get out of here them come back come, back I will. All right oh man oh my god come on lucky one spawn no no I'm got something for you three you, have for me it's a left and right everybody I crazy damn are we on the right, corner top right corner I think everybody take them out everybody get them everybody hit him yeah they all go let's go get. It going to call you got me I didn't even get a level of nylon bag somebody help me take him out Hey Ya Ya orange brother going to try the. Girl I mean cranking office you. Guys held her he's almost down where is he that's great i should tiny now i know i think talking on that there. Is little yeah i can pimp up top ya gotta I hit him hit him dang it I was no you actually gotta yeah and kamikaze blitz more, of those gross goodbye after it's a billboard you know I don't like this no no why why for this I. Certainly I do it in a rocket no my piece oh i think, i got only three pieces she'll boom oh he's not feeling good he's not feeling good is it now i'm not feeling good tell tell tell no no I gotta run. Oh yeah holders pieces no, no no 7q oh no no its greatest it no dont you judge me so high i know it had a health bar yeah hey buddy how's it goin okay I'm just.

Gonna join in on this ouch ow where we go got that one out oh, yeah we load this right away all right okay you know what I'm totally fine with you running away oh yeah this is gonna be close oh nice one now.

I can pick up, bombs and not feel bad about it was good got that great you like from me I'm sorry you don't wait for me so cheesy, no bad it's it I need to grow some bad mood and kill, me or drain Oh negative negative my good man no oh yeah just we would you buy weight and takes big again why aren't you saying why do we avoid large finding why. Do we allow him to live so many times I'm gonna die so my body's my help gone no chickie I'm, not hitting you chickens I might see this is where this. Is where I die this is where I die he dies hey world dies don't oh yeah, I'm sorry 8-bit come on man don't do what I did what I did I want to be wrong sing it hey we got. Hanging man i'm LOL just to their nola order and die oh yeah i leveled up look. At that okay o.o want to hurt all right get your get your reasons will memorize them else i'm dancing. They they they won't know how to react move it to him sing that we must always huge mix it up at you go giant rock cir town they'll run over there, to the right go to Rose what. Did he has come down and can't do anything impervious to your mom due to do oh I'm not haha I thought it was I thought i would, say i don't know i wanted did you guys I killed you with the bomb yeah you did with. A door-to-door bomb delivery ouch yeah right sorry tiny restaurant come here buddy hahaha all right she's up no whoa yeah this game needs us bridge what.

The hangar you can like no health Kevin how in the lowlands our fight I take it back oh no let's not fight right, now looks like i leveled up that was fight no I don't live oh hell no let's not, fight them neutral neutral Switzerland with bullets were the powerful playback we're together should we go should we, team up yeah we should okay with somebody oh do. It let's do it which is on the top hey leo oh no not liquid match my address um I know you're hiding spot mmm I. Know where you like to go yes please kill each other that we did it was amazing double shale rock III freeze-frame action going, on he's down here in the dolomites he's not you, down here under the floorboard ouch headed all right gonna be like that oh yes yes yeah whoa hello boys alive i occupy me me oh yeah this is a horrible place to, be why screen, you did this take advantage of also the blue guys really aren't working together a know a little bit he's done that no there's no collusion. In the reason I think the red guy should start working it what's the matter gradualist yeah now I know he, knows not just barely cheers yeah oh you've all you leveled up again bald right the last second in he's so big chicken forgettable uh-oh I don't really let go into, that corner get him get a rose yeah there we go why y ou know a lot, of the way uh-oh now put it down oh look nice coming up we have such a. Good time get wrekt limit yeah. Get wreck oh wow you have a lot of a lot of health ow and yeah yeah take a left it, all right and uh please don't touch me another whoa nice well I mentally no pepper oldest yeah I don't like bling wanted to skiing grip, a bomb oh no ow now you have to watch that bad for three hours and I still get you yeah we can get out of that cave I'm, sweet of him oh wow somewhat unusual punishment away from me Oh seems like every would like to do that. To us yeah hey leute there is cam to try to make it a favorite team anthem oh he's almost knocked out oh I, am ya know right away oh all right out dick yeah you did video, ready to go Bonnie's soul always write some prettier I'm, trying I'll just eat up anymore he's not even on the leaderboard who I really am it's time for portrayal of sorry blitz oh I know it's time no don't. Do that don't do it like that. We're doing it super sad squash what are you going I don't have any hit you off the mat shoot brain-drain I'm not going for you it's alright guys so with that I've got about another 40 minutes to. Content of our recording session that will probably be update uploading next week if you guys do enjoy this video, if you did please do let me know down below in the comments go check out the game when. It fully launches up and keep your stick on the ice we'll catch you next time you . .