Hi there I’m Tony pirate and welcome to a let’s play of roots dot io brooch that IO is a game in bed it is right now it’s pretty fun, and I’m playing with Finn pyre and with bees you can see links to their channels below and you should be able to watch a similar video of this over there, if you interested anyway this has been a lot of fun it’s a game of basically browser-based brawling combat you.. Level up you brute and then go back some heads and pick up some power-ups along the way so what’s. The fun hope you enjoy it why I did and got the green again I’m gonna be dream man this is kind of be difficult isn’t it. It really is it comes with Fame this here comes the pain oh my god what’s our help one good bomb and he’s a huge guy. Why I’m gonna buy nice booty spins got the Giant Bomb oh right at me so it later to your narrow I, did not know that happened oh no he’s pinned all of oak and actually flying the rocket across the map and. Pick up in a 3-4 we might um and he just did he survive if he’d survived. Ugly after getting the bubbles thanks beat beat beat beat beat beat beat, oh no oh so I think up some things no my thing believe them that was the guy.

Winning wasn’t no yes he was that’s the guy what’s better look again we need to take him out we need, to team up and when you come here man break him down go down trying to punch me in the face with your chicken feet that’s not yeah now back of my. Head thank you pregnant yeah man yes. Let the anger no no no Oh thrown around focus group I think it’s gone wrong yes me nah know oh yeah that’s right right Ned oh no no no, no egos kingag attorney uh-huh he got me all the way from bees giant again well I can’t believe, we friend like it you’ve got a giant chicken fish you got a giant chicken pissed and I’m gonna go oh no if. I just hold is no no condom well just flying around and a minute doma yes I, got it I gotta find rocket just flew past and collected you brilliant with me, on it God is still doing later july a box door life I’m give me I’m giving well away from the route that it’s doing, yeah I’m disguised small-time dude Jaime dude can I really the best don’t. I you my own behind those night you nothing I don’t don’t mind no don’t mind me wait just a friendly I. Gotta run away no leave me alone I’m so still I, the 10 so sort of ultimate dream two guys at once of your awning over here man that baby waiting for it going oh I’m down oh no no no. No no no no perfect I’m alive I’m up yeah just. Once awesome now eating their ball what do you want family-friendly my boy when I husband oh gosh you ain’t, no most people wait for me yeah I got to like family friendly that’s what I didn’t i got this again I’m so fighting this kink I knocked him out oh a bomb oh come dad but he. Should be almost dead come on guys finished, no not making these guys down here oh that’s that seven serious oh yeah yeah man what the hell really I’m coming for you. King bees I’ll i’m coming for you I just going know what hey hey lol oh no no no no no no no. No no no no come here come here bees everyone tell me dearly you, may be a null join don’t be such a chicken come here King bees come on I am a giant disguised bomb I’m hoping you were looking at the. Bull I am a giant I’m a giant teams day oh that’s what you get for following me around. Little guy haha I’ll the King the king where, is he how come topside he wants my bookie who doesn’t I said I want to know oh my G amis that Romanian that high-quality Romanian beef no girl if you go, romanian wag, you know here we go i think the guy was the King now is that the guy from YouTube laser beam that keeps allah bless him now we must destroy him then he has its down and get, down laser no no no get up killa. Kyleon perfect i don’t hurt me I can’t I’m getting very well oh I’m getting punched from so many. Places okay all right da there’s a giant brawl oh no no I’m down it alive down again I’m being punched and note run, away run oi Wow am I gonna leave dude yeah yeah delicious ball hahaha, I’m just I’m just know i can bring out all there is oh really that, cookie enormous to these let’s go everyone is sleeping me man what’s that Oh down again what’s my booty man for some reason it’s a high quality remaining. Weren’t you write all the squat Jesus for this plan map cumin he plays a lot of farming simulator he’s become. What he okay all right could be could be could be. Spending beyond him in the crop I just got pushed off the map man oh no he’s down he’s down, he’s down nothing oh I got one I got a 5,000 hahahaha I thought that game thinking o.o nap glue them on me I have to learn I have to run their at. All five give it a whirl we can torment and, later face yes I run it I’m running like crazy no no I me I’ll out I’m running away from his right now we just happened, to be there in the same sort of vicinity there’s a halt whoa I’m all farm again oh no, I got again oh oh the bomb rolled down the hill that was, awesome I carried the bomb into a fight I rolled down the hill after I dropped it no no no no no no I’m up, I’m up I’m up but i’m i’m dangerously low I’ve collected on a rocket I, need to get good at spinning around inspector oh my god that was an amazing night of light that was well okay no I’m down with someone else no no no no no oh no. Rocket I know it did.

I’m not actually did so that’s all right come on King is low the king of load oh oh look at that I see you guys take a way, out now know how his upper game’s up again oh no I leveled and I was protected from the bomb I’m, fine oh oh what fun it’s just rocket everywhere all the time hey I’ve got lots, of people with a punch now I don’t have to hang out of my way minions oh well no that guy or get out of it.

And I need kill that not me no I just an ting all the ball salsa get all the ball oh no oh no I’m, down man just laser after my battery type. Man this guy he knows he knows you she’s good as an addictive personality oh no not the giant chicken, you know giant chicken no and run away run away from John chicken run run run run they must be somewhere I can go for someone who’s known her no no I, want to starburst I must I must a number 1 i’m now a giant gravestone with a crown and. Bonk no I missed oh I did get him I did get him a guy, chasing me though yes I yea it hit the laser worthy yeah he’s so big no no it’s a bomb uh. No killing me i needed perfect well I got someone with. Me come on Finn let’s go for a fly hair United what the hell man I just wanted to show, you a good time he pretty much knocked you out in one hand and then happily hitting your head humping I drop my bond got picked up by a rocket we were all flying on, the rocket we ocean, Oh perfect as Laura I’ll about ahsha tennis no no no no no Oh deliciousness oh oh oh good punch me be no cable man oh ok ride boys oh my, goodness place is huge Oh God oh we’re taking him down oh oh.

You have no idea how we’re gonna take me oh he hope go home he got rocket adventure crunching, he’s running away running away get away no come here is it everybody’s chasing oh there. Yeah yeah do that kind of low he’s kind of low and am had a minute you’ve got to drop, some yeah drop some strong punches on him I’m punching on a mom oh that’s you sorry y’all agree again again you did it. Yeah all look the same to me I think it’s a bit difficult oh no I have you got him you got him down nice well that’s enough silliness for, today I hope you have enjoyed it I’ve had lots of fun hope you have to, until next time I’ve been Tony pirate. Do you subscribe and join the crew hope to see you soon in the next video goodnight .