Smosh gaming beating somebody up hello how are you doing there kilobit correctly coworker heck I can well guys this is Bruce I'll it done by bulletproof you're. Probably seeing is popping up fairly soon it's a new iowa game and to be honest as 100 s i am attention please what the hell the daughter how, do i how do i get rid of this believe me with it did you enjoy that. Well yeah any books in three sports oh yes i'm joining you but i have no idea what's going on. Wow you probably gave North I have a little custom Elam emblem that is thanks to the developers to get bigger, than call there so you'll be seeing me around and all them you can have it and I'm just beating up blue chicken, and of course kilobits guys make sure you're checking at kilobits channel I'll let you, know so that's just where I'm supposed to plug myself yeah I think I i I'm at the the killabits at pretty much everywhere i'm. Currently picking up beating up rocky three to two videos I all games are kind of. Like me I was I don't know what to see these going the in thing they have, their I got bigger meeting you I'd beat everyone up I'm level 3 i'm essentially you get levels as you go along and only had someone don't you, can charge up and. Then you have a little meter little white meter above your head and that's your sort of durability when you're actually taking on, someone and if that goes to phil's you will be not sewn look like a boxing match yeah and. Your red bar and your health which recovered when you kill someone essentially lost most clear I just found a pentagram. I've no idea what this is it's another big farm how do i drop it I think I right click, on lime on game type of moment what the menu but intelligence controls right well I'm going to have to work out what that, is then Oh combat guy Santa running around punch and yeah it's left joystick move there's. No indication to what throw is a knockout health survival disengage where are you and I blew up. So I'm not spawn back in yet and there's actually say anything about how you throw that's a major these are, obviously these pickups are supposed to be used as like a big hit of some sort but maybe you're not mentally be able to throw the ball maybe you've just meant to. Blow up it's a suicide there could be I'm at the top of the leaderboard ha come and get me falls as. A chicken, that you know that is the thing okay hello I there's somebody running round in a box I'm going after this guy you mean me you're in a box no you you will. Never find me no I will kill you all, he jumped out of the box no ah I mean aesthetic why's it got kind of a gang beef thing going gone I know it runs, really well though this is like a barely barely see and it is one life still nicely no point 8 a moment isn't it partly no BS decided to fill spin, and jump name at skin chick I'll kill you are, you buried me off the side of a cliff that, we believe you not someone don't you attack them when you tack their health directly yeah and i highly recommend running around were charged punch essentially all someone had hello vista. Beat you up mr. flicks blob someone I don't know I killed you wow that's what counts yeah the. Kim's gonna get vicious [Laughter] ok guys the developer is very keenly a governor's a, little bit in early access to can attest oh I don't actually work out what was going wrong with them because I wasn't loading in chrome a little bit of a cording thing. And to be honest all games have creating problems and well it seems to be. Fixed and hopefully ready for when you get to say, to partake in it they do plan to eventually bring it to even that but of course multi old games are done on through the browser, full week go away wait wait wait wait wait good dang it please some of us help help i'm gonna run on door hinges, yeah maybe i'm going around in circles at the beginning, of the thing and because you're joining friends you can copy this rim link up here the. Games is runs exceedingly well of course it just walks to your mana resolution easy enough Phil screen snacking can beat you up thank you no but the only issue with it being a browser-based you can't get any bloody, possible app I involved oh my god I'm huge wait I will kill you oh right I'm. Gonna go look. For a huge / it means i'm going to buy some chicken fetus Oh Caleb a oh no no no no don't kill me oh my god I'm. Getting picked on okay you're the biggest bully in the yard what, do you expect to not be picked on look I will kill you all I'm run away no aah gimme health back now please cute kilobits where are you where are you conflict [Laughter] okay a person, just evolved don't know what's going on anymore oh my god, so again you will get through this fairly fairly soon I will leave all the links down below for the developer and everything else is just, it is pretty damn awesome is published by miniclip i keep getting miniclip natural remedies. Yeah it's one of those that kind of lost fav us. In it then it came back and it's like we're in the world victim well I mean it has certainly in, italy v oh my god most recent cyber are used that there seems to be a huge increasingly io game such as that yeah definitely a, massive massive increase in some good some bad and this is particularly on the good side to be honest because i really, like how this please I mean it please bear the most games what when. That's the thing and I'm wandering around as a gigantic box by the way where are you that's what I've got to look out for is it that you don't know I oh my, god hello try to I could Frankie size elite couldn't really wants to give me. A mouth when I go whenever see me what's with the thing with a crowd oh this is your own really shows us around. On top of you want to take Frankenstein on will kill. You Frankenstein you lose your costume I don't know how many high levels, it is because I know that some people there were someone who posted a video was like 1.5 million annually had not name names I've never mind going to take it scarlet rocky nearly you, have will barely any health left buddy are you so somebody hiding in the caves or being the opposite cheese spread hello oh my god. Where do you get the rocket from right clear ok I want to introduce you, to my face ah oh you can actually be some bully up inside the key this game is Dylan I, love it I love it is so mean but right um hello I'm sorry my communion with money you're not dying you're. Not seeing me all these bloody pop-up ads nope that's the only thing we all games but they do, planning eventually bring it to scheme which should remove that, hello yep Yannick yeah good luck editing now yeah I will defend you [Laughter] you want that poor woman to the core unit no, I want a very later I feel like your little brother on the playground here's. Another to kill you yeah jumping have a box if I'm anywhere nearby will kill me all right I'll just offend you otherwise that's what games aldi beast hi I mean M it, says the more. Player in the game the more AI BOTS it tends to add as well but I can't tell who's who okay everybody just wants to punch everybody wonder what happens if I get to level 5 no. Quarter I've got a quarter lift to get so hello, on turning king oh my god well you're going to die charge up my, bunch Liam Liam bam thank you ma'am yeah I'll be chased I'm a pic the fight for the wrong person I'll let you be each other crap yeah exactly well, yeah I will stay here i like kent's liquid cuz there's a custom emblem you get given a little we can you just–can eyes which are right. Where are you now come help, you I'm near the pentagram that's helpful well I've leveled up again Oh a very small Frankenstein just drop down there for me I'm level fine oh my god i'm a big, by I'm level 30 you um second in leaderboard okay Wow hello there you are. I can tell it's you it's the biggest guy on the map. And then and then yeah I will defend you a lot I don't want to hit you said I wouldn't hit your helpful yeah oh oh I guess Wow run away from them, yeah you health regen very very slowly if you found when you tell people so see all. That purple pick it up takes all that. Like that just isn't at which the kind of quaint experience points and he'll 21 challenge me. Not like of all the three new of health and then I one punch man hey are we just taking over the entire about that yes you know that is what. We're doing anybody comes here they will die this is a Dueling arena I'm getting part of into the scare. Yes I do you know if they're gonna happen walks full kind of. Maps or if it's just this kind of gathers taste great girl the city maps you can you can actually see there's like a snowy skull mountain one and there's a desert one, but they're not currently unlocked cuz I think Nick they're not really sad and the, emails there like gonna be a lot for. When it launches in like a couple of days time or if it's going to be something that's over time like I cannot may be finished here you gonna kill him kill him don't know miss them Gil hey 30. I like I'm tamiya your equipment only take a little. Chickens now pick it up pick this up what are you sure you know the bomb yeah and then left click. Oh I evolve left quick I told your own gamepad ah yeah there you I would pet the same.

Button are I don't like swinging carefully yeah I'm gonna get clobbered a beginning you could get like clans or something like get it really kind of competitive I want. To get, this family too oh no I confess everybody oh did it all go wrong Kim's we are presently and everyone present gonna casually walk around in this present it with a present I have a present for, you I have a, little tiny guy chasing my ankles I feel like I have a Jack Russell with my ankles little bit oh no no get rid of oh no no no no no you were to hide look. Look I've got a little crown how do we know how that could, have happened ha I'm gonna kill everybody never there right come here so until you tell you nope wrap, front flyweight yeah ha you're dead there we go i get level. 2 pretty quickly soon Oh suddenly started to like him oh hi notice what else the way around here yeah yeah I got to look after you now. But I'm just got keep so I'm just gonna, believe Josh to rational brothers where's everybody hello oh that guy exploited just gonna dab in the air and there and just it can I. Paint in here where does this go mmm and know that went down there press ok you're saying get over here lucky Neutron person thingy majiggy wingy things I actually get through that. No I'm too big to. Get through this so take is a bomb you can't actually get rid of now it doesn't look like it because there's another. Bomb also my phone just reacted to me and don't know it because you know how you see that hello google things that probably it just was like hi how. Can I help when I was like what molich more people polish more people always more people nope evil captain go. Away tough queen even captain and tough queens right I think I'm just wailing are you goodbye come on, I said goodbye there we go I'm gonna tell me, to get to level 5 I got to level 5 users become and shiny I'm no second place again yeah oh I leveled up as those beating, someone up so I stopped beating them up I'm beating up a chicken well I. Got you know chicken outfit that's it out out hey check it evil dragon passion so the advantage of being. Smaller is you can literally get inside somebody's reach if they're huge that that's where the kind of the balance seems to. Be yeah look smaller is a lot lot faster bigger hats harder. But yeah evidently thermal yeah but because you're so huge your swing is massive they literally didn't get. In inside you and that's not literally inside you but you can get inside you Oh double kill how many points of you bloody got and. 26 pounds it looks like yet and I've made it to five hello where are you okay haha kill kill and turbo punch no haha I'm level four again crossing. Over all right it'll your point costume kill whatever that means because you can unlock costume like the chicken not the chick, if you kill, five costume you'll not the chicken okay make sense golden neutron come here Wow hey Franny thank you know Franco same oh my god go away get off the edge, hello oh oh no it's tiny like like you said he's like a bloody jack russell fighting out your angles there we, go another photo skill well we aren't giants at all let you go higher number five I my level seems to be. Still increasing what I'm thinking you can actually be a little ticketing oh hello I'll buy with one shot them. Oh [Laughter] sorry sorry sorry you see Sir it is. The equivalent of mutually assured destruction hello where are you oh you're hiding in the box again you know I don't think your audition for the next Metal Gear is. Really working for you can you pay. Me huh just a box I even love the music universe just kind of course initially determined by myself humming away to it different also see this graveyard pass but then you. Just went past I didn't know how you gettin down the first time I fell off the edge completely. Killing everybody no no no no no no this is how you keep doing the super my pose, ah poor chickens hope so we'll take that up no I'm not intended to I've picked. Up too many phones in the past I know there's a fatal flaw but we knew.

Another one dead I'm halfway to level 50 own people come here dirty devil and standing here oh my god kill them off yeah hey that was my. Kill coming here I will teach you a lesson I'm better than you yes it works it's the law of the jungle it commits area, down here and wooden all of this ha true passion what are you where do we gone. What a chicken pink thinking all right sorry not sorry, [Laughter] people guess what you don't know no yeah why knowing it all becomes kind of one side, it doesn't it when you give this big depends of people link gang up on you know because like you I could take you okay is that a threat maybe but you can't see me I'm, just going to want this we. Know I like how you know the the Box things to me it's unidos its proper apart from the giant crowd see. What I mean jumping out the box this is this massive AOE he can't let me collect your own stuff, that's the only thing we can get help from chickens somewhat liquid agent liquids leave thanks their little bits of box yeah and there's woods family but we. The free cream don't know that the Queen remain, until this is just coming horribly one-sided you see that now okay well level you five and about a third to go before six okay only about quarter to go now all right so if. I killed you you'd be really ticked off are you hahahahahaha, oh my god oh no oh no oh no I'm about to be hit by a bike point with purple hey no no no no. No no supermodel for us no no no oh not each, other and truth no oh here we will come back oh my god get back here oh crap Robbie good oh wait what I got is probably a good place to end guys this has. Been brute, that I all you're probably saying very very soon going about and make you choke you can just go to me to a lot a little bit chicken and we shall see, use nicks and make sure you're checking out and Joe on that the killabits on all platforms I mean fries and. We'll see you next time [Applause] .