All right everybody welcome to broom that I oh this is a beta so keep in mind that things are subject to change but things are also. Subject to having fun so I'm going to be jumping in combat guy alright guys so, check out the combat guide so punching hole punch button to charge your punch doubting relief punch button at the right time to hit your opponent knockouts the hem the, punch button once your opponent is ko'd disengage keep an eye on your opponent's tongue meter and flee before he stands up survive if your. Stun meters high or your health meter is low disengage from comments are covered he'll. Collect growth orbs to heal or level up to fully heal. And removed all done okay so leveling up is obviously very good andalusia level 1 brutes level 4 brawler in a level 7 be a mess and it looks, like you've got a nice crown here so size matters the bigger you are the more health you have and the more damage you do. But the slower your movement in stone recovery collects growth orbs. To level involved every 3 level up so maybe there's only three right now obviously beta subject to change or the high score to become the king.

Of the bruise alright sounds. Fantastic put me in the game coach all right okay so right-click is move now I heard that there's AI in here with sabra cheerful ostrich sub did dude look at this guy uh jokes for days what's, in the cave holders whoa I'm bad Red 579 see the issue, was there was 578 other bed dreads but I couldn't oh I'm a box I'm a treat oh oh I fella oh ok ok alright, so I died with a score of 0 the magical. Hand so mr. lucky crossbow is doing the best hit any button to respawn chicken oh god that guy looks pretty strong let's. See if I can't oh my god dude you can if you by being able to fall, off the map this makes it a lot more precarious all right so what's this this is just part of the map I'm gonna get this orb I've got a rocket I'm gonna blow you, up dude what no we get up get up get, up all right is this another rocket or no it's a box she doesn't know it's me what's it a bomb surprise mother trucker all right let's get this.

Bomb oh my God he's, trying to punch me but I got a bomb I got a kill but I also died so that was well that one's a lot of fun I'm not sure how. Much it did hit any button to respawn okay fair enough oh this guy's this guy's we can eat the, king oh my god yeah I killed the king what's up now on it I don't become the king just from kill them. Oh these are the orbs okay so this is beta and this is like a pre kind of fool I don't. Think other people can see me when I'm in there come on buddy oh man we're fighting oh he knocked. Me out oh no. Ruin we gotta run and recoup our help luckily he didn't press the issue to finish us off and as a result we can get away but you can see. That i'm i think i was larger than him here's another power up that looks like the bomb I do not want the bomb, you might be able to throw, it you might not i'm not entirely sure what we're looking for right now our orbs of hell grim graveyard alright so. This is oh yes oh yes baby leveled up we leveled up now we're, the king oh look at that so there's four people in here yes okay because a lot of times I'm. Facing the wrong way when I'm punching so I need to be mindful of my positioning when I'm attacking but right now there are two other. People so this is a very very exclusive in closed beta and I think, that it released on sunday oh so there's a I the more players the Moray I animals there will be two right so mr. badge red is rocking out here there's two other people here for. Me to fight and I will find them Stonehenge slider I want to get up here to fight this man how does, one do. That oh let's oh wow yeah you can definitely slide down there I can hear some brawling all right maybe not this way I need to get up there i'm at 579 yo dude you can't can't touch this, yeah alright so i need to try a charged, up shot but so keep in mind that there's only like three, people in the game right now if you look in the top left there will be a I animals I'm. Wondering what other animals we might encounter we've seen a few power-ups we've seen the bomb we've seen the rocket I wanted. To play with friends but everybody is currently doing Easter plan okay just got rick um I actually just got back from orlando has hit the Star Wars Celebration it was a. Lot of fun there's gonna be a lot of men more information in the video description on this game, the kid wassup bruh yo sup dude get Rick yeah alright so you can see that with. More people obviously a lot more chaotic and you could gank. The king that would definitely be a thing what's up dude lost King wassup you want you want to go or what yeah i'm gonna steal your orbs I'm stealing your orbs now oh I didn't super punch. Now I'm just grew to sing this man down but, I think the power-ups Angie's kind of like the 3d physics style are going to be really the joys of this thing you know in. The Shining gems of glory for, Bruce I oh but basically better Infante Brutus right now doing a good job you know what and see no one no one's trying to get this power up I'll do it. I just don't want to follow up hey dude I got a bomb for you oh man he's punching me I'm gonna kill, myself because I've been King long enough, so you better watch but oh I survived because I'm so big no way boys look at this guy now we're never in a brawl now just ganking, him so mr. purple here oh yeah no one wants to fight me right now I, am The King oh my god we evolved you like the maximum is that guy a. Chicken I don't this is a little chicken man attacking me oh wow that did a lot of damage actually oh my god everybody's chicken look at this look how big I am can I punched. Him come on guys oh I don't know why they're chicken and I don't know why I can't punched. Him maybe I can maybe, they're too small are there we go a costume kill would see that's something I'm not even familiar with I didn't even know you could do costume stuff. All right so we're going to explore the map right now we're going to gravestone past all right I hear some brawling what's this you. Can't go through it I'm charging up my punch wait come here little guy there we go another kill dude i'm just literally the, biggest bruton town. Right now and i am a king yeah that's right chicken kill the chicken oh my God look at this is the pentagram of some kind wait it's, not a pentagram is this one two three four we've got eight this is an octa, Graham yeah king of the infernal we're on a montreal server looking with business all right is there anybody that wants to bomb oh and we can go down, the slide hey bud oh I died finally okay oh look. At this guy he's some kind of a badger oh no he's like a zombie oh it's beef 975 in Lucky Dragon well what's up dude how does everybody have costumes all of. A sudden I'm gonna try to level up while this guy's chasing me oh man this, guy's all kinds of dangerous coming chicken I gotta level up dude oh my god we have to, spell up he's got low health yeah, we killed him all right dude I mean I'm a brute I'm just obliterate so this guy's Santa Claus where. Is everybody getting costumes from I need to get some costumes oh we gotta run we gotta run let's steal some of these orbs it's up there those are mine now man, you better believe I'm a veteran of the IO games what have you why aren't you guys.

Fighting fight each other yeah and then I'll come in and mop up the winner and steal your. Orbs oh look at that oh wait that's right dude I'm getting these orbs I'm leveling up, and I'm gonna find you quick and furious hahaha the brolic yes yes yes you're us all right so guys I just want to say that when. This thing becomes available I feel like I could. Stream this for like an hour or two and like tell you what server I'm on and we could just, brawl out and then like especially when we figure out like how to do costumes we could do a lot of fun stuff what's this guy it's a chicken man oh I just. Knocked him straight out like charge up my punch the guy had no chance alright so there's someone out here number one clown I, I wonder I want to see if I, can't walk on this limb and if it's like a secret or not oh I became the king there's the power up here's a hiding capes when you're bigger you can't, hide in the cave so that's interesting. Go get rekt now we level up but love the leveling up animations come on yes so for beta I can definitely see the promise of this IO game it's very fun in. Right now all I, need is more opponents now the dev did say hey we highly recommend you getting in and playing with some of your friends and that's what I wanted to do oh god oh god let's see can we. Kimi wo boku no come here no no no no no those are my orbs these are, my orbs I will gain sustenance and growth at the cost of, your lives but I do like that you can fall off the map I'm wondering what other maps we might, encounter sup Bros Bros you want some of this I can I can do you both man look at this when you see you definitely, need more people when someone gets to kind of like the bigger levels of brutes and those could very much be a eyes as.

Well which is one of the nice things I've seen in a lot of Io games it's like a lot of. People get like pvp anxiety oh look at that we've evolved and, I think we are the maximum guy right now but a lot of people get. PvP anxiety right but I think that's the nice thing about IO game since they can be, very casual you can also have these PvE elements and then look at it this is dusty dinosaur 232 and he's like a zombie I'm, not even hitting him like oh there we go I hit like sometimes I feel like my punches might miss when I'm too, big so I feel like you might need to get your spacing let's go see what that creeper canyons all about how do we get there we're going to go. Up oh look at that there's one of those power, Forbes dude yeah you don't want none of this dude.

We're taking down his health anna stamina and he should die momentarily there we go all right so this looks like it's kind of tricky to get to not this one, that's a bomb orb now so far we've seen a few deaths the camouflage 100 now what's creeper Canyon I'm gonna bush this guy's got no, chance oh there we go the knockout blow on blue now. The knockout blow on pink ruthless crossbow dude you got oh don't you don't you level up he's healing himself there we go now we steal all the glory. For ourselves can we get bigger I don't think so so here's, the thing we've gotten see a lot that one rocket power was really cool nobody grabs the power-ups so we're just going to brawl out these. Guys do some left click spam I'm gonna power up boom oh I missed him with that power of shot you know. What let's let's light this bomb so we grabbed it then we left click to light, it and then we're gonna we're going to let. It go off I actually survived that which is really cool so we've survived it before I guess it depends on the you know how much like you have I can't oh we can t mean we can't, get two or all the red ones are my health that would explain it and look, at my health right now we're about I don't know three quarters now there looks like there's a. Power puck here be sure to read the comic guide for tips and tricks what's in the graveyard I can't even get in it because, I'm so big so those are those protected areas for the lighter guys grab this bomb, come on I'm gonna see if I can't blow them both up. Yeah oh my god by following the glyph there is a perfect place then, ladies and gentlemen this is brutha dial in exclusive beta for the next two days it's gonna be unlocked for everybody there's, going to be a link in the video description where you can sign up and I assume that you'd be able to get beta access and then burns brigade you guys, can play with me and we can do some all kinds of fun antics so anyway brutes, that I'll fun new i/o game that's kind of a new and fresh take on Io games very, fun I'll see you guys in the next video .