Today is a good day because we're playing brutes dot IO this is a game that I have been looking forward to for a very long time now I've been talking to the, dead for a while and following along with the development I'm really excited to show, you guys what this game is all about now here's a couple things you do need to know it is in beta and at stone development there's a lot of updates. Plant and then when the game goes live for you guys it will be found at Bruce. Down I oh so it's extremely exciting to see this game before it comes out to the public just so. We can track along with the development if you guys are interested in that I'll gameplay or. This game and you want to follow along definitely make sure to check out the different, things you'll see in the description below as well subscribe and then that way. You guys will see the concert I put out when I finally put out new content so let's go ahead. And hop it into the game we're going to be green that's that's the right color for me I think. And actually yellows probably the right color that's what I that's my color holy smokes is a lot of stuff punching a hole punch button to charger punch release punch button at the right time to hit, your opponent knockout. Spam the punch button once your opponent is ko'd disengage keep an eye on your opponent's thumb meter and flee before he stands up if you're stunning are high on your. Health matters meter is low just engaged to recover health collect rotten growth orbs to heal or level up. To fully heal and remove dude and then there's a. Bunch of different things you can get like evolution collect growth orbs to level up and evolve every three levels up let's get in to, the action oh sweet i drop in okay it would I guess huge and I want to mess with him hey oh nice oh I got them both nice, nice nice okay I'm getting punched out I'm getting punched out oh go go go go go go keep these.

Orbs I think these heal don't.

They freaky chicken man oh go go go go we're gonna let them fight fight it out guys doggy. Haha getcha getcha okay oh crap that's my stun meter right there oh that's what that is ok that's a stun meter whoa okay whoa hey what's. Up dude Donna we're good I'm just a I'm just a guy doing my own thing okay we got Oh, what's this can I go on this Keith I can hide in here whoa cool what's this in a freakin rocket Oh what would like, what do I do with this racket oh, oh um okay maybe we not uh maybe let's not mess with the bracket holy crap knocked out oh he's done get his orbs. Yeah baby he's a big guy yes okay I got this game down yeah oh yeah get killed nice Kimmy these old I think. I leveled up didn't I nice I killed them again leveled, up there we go now i love about getting bigger level 20 you collect growth rovers you live Oh what's this freaking bomb wait grave tooth pass. What there's some cool this game is cool-looking what up did want this bomb I did there we go I'd uh oh it's a suicidal thing okay. That sucks I don't want to bomb I don't want any of, these things that you can pick up they're not worth it it kills you knocks, you out was the chicken guy how did you become a chicken yeah that's the king right there I'm just gonna go ahead and collect some of these yeah, yeah yeah yeah sure just gonna go ahead and get these that guy is massive why didn't he go. For me with the heck he's so big no don't don't do to level up week right next to the freakin king, over here wait a minute one of these things can I punch these things oh these are like little things you can. Kill cool I'll they're like little they're like I don't know what you would call those, things the little orbs in other games that you can find, where you got a invincibility for a second bro that's lame there we go hey you're you are so knocked out did get him oh he, only you only can do damage to when they're down oh snap I'm just gonna grab all these if, you don't mind I just keep like doing all of the orders from that dude he's so big, wait is it just me and another guy on this server right now I think so huh matt said can I go in, here I think all these things like maybe have a have a use later on ya betta oh sweet level up level 3 so there are. Other people we're just like the top two maybe it doesn't, show the other people or something that's kind of strange dude-ness skull mountain this is a cool game. I mean it's a very similar style like iOS stuff that you're used to it's just done in a totally cool way wow I'm so old Pete right now. Look at this I can just easily easily kill people level 7 is when you get a beer behemoth. Oh yeah you're just a little chicken man oh dude it's just mayhem would you get to a certain size you. Just destroyed oh is that guy down here hanging out with the chickens oh one shotted right you little yo chicken, is a chicken right I think that's what is this I'm all I'm almost to number I'm almost to the same scores this guy I.

Think we are these people or demon. 510 I don't know if these are people or I don't think these are people i think these are like AI maybe i'm not entirely. Sure Oh didn't you get me I really don't want to mess that uh oh I am The King the king is here. Boys the king is here I'm the king bro yeah good man oh yes look at how freaking pig I am yeah, I'm so massive I couldn't kill everyone I'm clicked off the screen he tried to. Knock me off the edge Denis you running now watch it boy here it is.

I got an old man just took out the number two guy i am the king of this land haha dude sweet hey guys what's up guys, I'm just gonna let Guilbault yeah hold on hold on a second no power swing kills 2 2 in 1 holy. Smokes talk about awesome the map is a kind, of small air REO this all you got to do is kitem look at this and then I got like one almost one shot these guys I it's not, even fair howdy how do you even get to the point where you can take me out all right you guys use kite that's all you got to do. And then like the one shot after the fact kills them right there okay i'm going to move away from this. Area because this is the spawn area and i don't want people to leave Oh what in. The world just guys Santa Claus. Though I got kill Santa look at how much it takes for people to do any like stun damage to me okay let's move away from me this fierce, keep this feels very cheap I'm so I'm so massive that just slide something that seems pretty shady. To me Stone Edge I'm not I don't want to go down there I don't want to die and fall, off because you can fall off the level and I don't want to I don't want to fall, off because I'm being like careless with where I'm going although that is like a different area I've never been to I don't, even have to like yeah see I don't even have to like power up i think i can just, swim i think in just swing now we're almost of a five. Yes level five so we get do look how big we are holy smokes pacific nice give me all these before juicy orbs i think, this is a person right there we go pretty sure it is there's multiple people many wanted man heck is that then what is this ambush box oh whoa whoa whoa whoa you can, disguise yourself that's sweet okay all right i'm a. I'm just a big tree apparently this is very nerve-racking going across that tiny legs with. This little tree thing i'm coming for you my children i am just a little bush surprise dude, i did a ton of damage to him when I came out of that holy smokes and just about tasty. Treat just a moving tree look at that whoa Hulk smash hulk smash hulk smash smash hulk smash Hawkwood, smashy smashed on who we just killed who just kill somebody and leaves on the orbs did you know what this games, about he didn't fourth yeah that was that that was ruthless skunk right there he was the guy in sec place, finally found him Admiral rocky hey buddy like it they can't even do anything look at see that I like my stone meter takes so long to go up so many, hits that by the time they hey man by the time they hit they can't even like I don't know it's not it's. Not worth it they. Can't they can't even do anything you might as well just quit now I just wanna get to level 7 so I can see what I look like when I'm a. Freaking behemoth 185 I think I made everyone else quit stay out quit think they quit there's nope there's a guy okay, maybe is it worth like letting them build up no probably not, because how am I gonna get orbs if I just let people build up he's dead you are one. Hit my man I know how are you take that much damage there's nobody around I guess you. Want to fight okey oh that's a bomb I don't want that I really you know it would suck if I. Killed myself it'd be horrible yeah yeah all mine you just killed somebody it this game is actually pretty easy in my opinion I'm sure it's going to be difficult once you get, people who know what the heck they're doing oh I have to go across, this oh my gosh I'm so big now I don't want to do that again I. Don't want to do that again it makes me nervous yeah when people. Know how to tighten stuff I think it's going to be totally different because it's pretty easy to kill people in my opinion and survive I mean that. Guy who is the king before he didn't even try to kill me she's just like ran away oh this this is the first time, I've almost been knocked out by somebody hey that was actually, kind of nice yeah didn't wait did he take any damage when I was I.

Don't know I don't know if he was 215,000 I think we are the king of this game easily hey yeah what's up guys yeah my kills I'll take that I'll take all of this he. Sporty sport jumps these poor chaps can't do a single thing we, got to find lucky dread 7400 points look at the comparison though well once the game goes out of beta I think it's, going to be really cool to see the types of action that we get yeah yeah chicken in how do I become, a chicken I want to become a chicken got if I. Just keep hitting I can kill them when they have yeah there we go when they have like no HP left I can just do that power up and. Kill every one hit so it does do a little damage when you power up, and hit can I go through here no I can come bad as well. Just farm these chickens the mat okay so here's my here's my thing I think the map needs to be maybe a little bit bigger and I think if i'm not mistaken you can you pick people.

Up and throw them off how does what's, this area didn't even realize the cereals down here but this is the guy who's uh that one guy, was looking for before got him two thousand kill bonus that's nice when you kill the big guys I didn't even realize this was here wait is this that one yeah this. Is a Ledge area I'm not going over there it's so much damage eat I mean like it's it's so, unfair when, I'm this big it I mean it really is it's just ridiculous yeah it's keep you killed it would take the entire server trying to kill me i think. I'm gonna go kill these chickens that guy just spawned in on a. Limb i'll let them live for a second and now go get him live for a second man i'll be back anybody over here nobody over here I wish I told, you how many people are in the game once ah yeah see, these are my kill see oh that was nice you can double kill you need to have I don't know if there's if there. Is a disability but if it isn't it means you put in I think support this one almost a level 7 and I'm going. To be a behemoth the behemoth we. Shove dominate dog oh here's here's a guy with a cape how'd you get that Cape dude I want to cape we got a guy with 7,000 points I've got. 300 in 5,000 that seems about right haha oh. I'm not going down there I told myself I wasn't so I'm not going to no way these guys need to get like rockets and use the rockets. Against me you know I mean like they have much did they. Have much chance if they don't use like bonds and stuff I want to get another cardboard thing and do this ambush attack all right I'm gonna. Let you go you come to me I'll have to kill you let's go down here anybody down here huh 39 years the guy. There's the hawk he's trying to run there it is a chill with these cook holy smokes, that guy went flying chickens yeah give me out I'm chickens here comes the king you better run largest. Brute ever I'm gonna take both of these skills look at that the meter goes so slow for me like it's insane almost level 7 almost level seven chickens cure, the cute little chicks yeah the chicks chicks chicks gonna die can't wait to the he may. I can't even go underneath a my head so big everyone counts look at this, guy's a zombie can you get these special things you can't really see what's going on in this area I mean you can kind of see the outline which is nice. Come here dude yeah yeah how do, i get these cool outfits it's really just like me farming new players I mean that's what this that's what this is the mounting to right now oh yeah chicken one little chicken. Over here, level 60 we got multiple guys over here we're gonna fight I'm gonna fight them I mean this guy got a kill I'll collect your orbs don't worry okay I'll. Collect the orbs got him got him yes level 7 here goes oh my gosh we're so close to level. 7 what it yeah here comes the behemoth oh my gosh look at how big I. Am he's so slow look at me swinging I'm like hammering hawk smash Hulk smash oh my gosh the behemoth he stalks his prey with the fierce might of a. Thousand men too too bad again zoom in I mean I think I am missing them a little. Bit so I'm as big as you can get right now I, think here's smash Hulk yeah here we go smash hog hog Hulk smash ok so I'm hitting him regardless of. Where my fists are landing oh my gosh I think it's safe to say i won I think it's safe to say i won the game don't you think so. Dude I'm so frigid massive trash talk so much. I just take it a like you literally cannot be killed I think these are BOTS though I honestly do I feel like players wouldn't do this, in their names are like queen dragon and dusty rock I don't know maybe they maybe they're not but. I'm pretty sure they are the clown see like who names himself that nobody names himself that it's definitely but, I can literally almost kill them in one hit one like one barrage of swings oh my gosh look at how big I, am game over it's done I'm done I've won guys thanks so much for watching hope you guys enjoyed this if they'd click that, thumbs up button below and feel free to subscribe this, guy's to do the channel and I'll see you in the next one I think I plane with all that oh well you .