L or Breen welcome to honey bun games my name is twisted i'm here with you one and only record and today we are playing brute dot IO and there's a skull on the floor why. Is Bruce I'll wicked what is this it's this it's punching simulator 2017 you're going bunch people actually. We're gonna die you're gonna die I'm. Not gonna die i thrive a collision hates me don't chicken for the food she's basically it's a 3d io game would you play a superhero by the way if you look at our faces, we actually have our our faces on our on our cape I'm, awesome and or things oh yes thank you sir that we're doing that for us we appreciate out kill the guy okay ooh, wee tiara level in the bottom right as we punch dudes they drop their flesh on the floor we eat their flesh and then we level up become bigger and. Stronger level what we could just did, it'll be bigger now we have two bars though the lower bar is the HP replenish that by holy oh god. He come using the cave get in a cave get in the car in a game I'm making you just punched me, I think so you replenish the HP by picking up the orbs and the upper bar is your thumb bar delegate gets filled up to get, stung so when you get close to go smoke why would you, do that I was preparing my phone I'm gonna eat I'm gonna eat some food it is a very good really big they're digging it out let's actually just leave. Them alone look at me let's climb up here. That we're going to go I don't know oh god they can follow us I don't think I can follow oh you're, follow me follow me yes no you cannot go there can you you can oh it's a secret no it's not a secret just. A dead end don't die don't die do I will die I'm talking, to myself so can I climb up you have to go down I think they left they left it's safe. It's not good it's good I need to kill the chicken I want them eat the food so this game is coming out tomorrow god I think, run around murali there tomorrow fully right now just be, closed 0 beta for you to people who should you can reach us yeah he's gonna give me not you look a lot, for some reason I Eulalia yield I yield I yield I'm son I'm gonna die I'm gonna die I'm gonna die. Run run me run run I'm running hello up go up going to the secret thing he can only go there because, he's too fat yeah but there's nothing there let's just move to another area so oh god this guy's gonna kill, me oh absolutely son his son he sounds by the way you can charge up your shot I know, that and I will do that more all my lord Paulie ball he's big that's what she said oh yeah oh he's he's angry holy guacamole road okay well let's, just leave this area was gonna like my no no that cannot be. Done he is too big for me I'm out I'm out of the area oh god I'm not I'm I can I cannot go past them if. You Matthew by the way these. Guys are bought oh no I'm dead I died you're gonna pick up your hell you. Should do that but I think you also might die you never never gonna die okay I'm really close, to you I kill the chicken can you go west are you okay all right good run run run run to the hills run for your lives they're coming all right now you're really low HP. You should probably not engage and you should do that for me oh there's something there's, something it's it's a rocket oh god that are all the interest that's a nice oh no I'm in front of me oh holy balls why. Did you do that. Did you kill them as you kill yourself yeah kill them and myself last patient I think there's only two power-ups. In the game right now bombed in the rocket yeah they will there be any monstrosity again this is the, closed beta 2 beta be a nice bonus wise or never mind there are three upgrades I have the amber box I've never seen this before it's an ambush box oh oh come to where. We can where you died yeah I'm, oh no poor without you may where you died now I didn't die come come to come to where you pick up the rocket I'm, trying i was fighting with wanted okay pick up the health i'm coming they're evolving it's like a big brawl here oh oh, oh boy oh boy okay I'm I'm up I'm up I don't see at all I'm ver I picked I see I see I see I, see. You dcd the bush over here to the right of you that's me I'm the bush holy it had the bush don't move they're gonna get him k i leveled up as a bush george bush is just,, leveled up yes haha i can just say like this dick up your scraps there's no one knows I'm Bush unless they kick you hey yeah they can do. Damage to me which kind of sucks but I don't really care, um I really like a spiritual attack surprise doesn't do anything oh my God he's back around run run run run run run away we have to get bigger now this is where that I crushed hearing you. Silence oh really Oh amber, box again my favorite what's love are you i am level 2 i'm a little 30 he has a bomb run run run run run run we're gonna pick, up the remains surprise chicken well use a lot of damage we can, surprise them interesting okay try to alternate between you and me click the dude. In the face so okay don't yeah I'm careful he's been about you go down the years you said little up level three awesome from a little till I become their big. We do grow as you level up as you can see that I'm much bigger than this man over here no get the massive size boost. Gonna fill valve / fabrice trailers, oh really yeah I are you so incompetent sometimes I learned for you it boggles my mind I hope you don't mind. I'm going back to you it was very big big guy chasing me very much anyway I'm not chasing you oh you're big I am very big yes that's what she said oh. Hey he's my size little bigger than me if flappy, polka lil man watch out only hunny bunny games is allowed to vary yellow you yes LM where wine l chief. L cheap and half a piece in Europe oh that's where the slide is ok where you going sorry I'm killing chicken Oh big guy big guy, big I how big is he bigger than you I'm gonna charge up my fists. Of fury my fist of Nick Fury I don't see him anywhere he must have left can I want to get. On the bridge because I have a feeling I. Might die there I'm gonna cook he'll take a man you know if you kill enough people with the costumes you get their costume. Well now that's he ok quite like that but you have to kill enough of them sewn walk the column that's what I said I kill enough of them are getting. So plus 1 I think you're getting is a line no. I did not exercise i call it o.o that's the dude that's the he has. Another cape oh hello maybe not though I hope we're on your channel we need a queen major couldn't make Avenue you who that is some of you may. Or you die yeah I'm gonna die you should run away three major is that awesome revenge is so sweet and sour I get, tasty cetera the guy haunting me no I am I, don't see him cool pirate guy yes pick up stuff I'm little for I'm very, big right now I am super massive oh that's what she's okay I'm some help help help i'm starving coming coming coming coming coming for real, man is on me revenge kill judge dredd i do more damage now about that a bit slower and more easier to stun i think and i also harder, to hit him because they. Had to be like your costume kill had to be a bit further away don't you dare die me yes yeah i got one here it's kind of hard to charge up shots a level low for now, a little 3333 i'm sorry i thought there's, a pirate again yar me mateys that's not a prank ensign monster not a pirate what are you guys a part of had lips that a pirate hat that's a yes.

Crews in, his neck Oh what are you talking about that's right that's right you got here right I will not be dumb and fall down oh hellos dude you're killing Santa no yes he has to die he didn't bring me. Anything for Christmas you were a naughty boy yes I was ok he, sought to kill it protects Novus for them that we're, kind of grouping up and yeah yeah also as most of these guys have bought the only person wasn't about was that guy that at the costume and the frankenstein-looking he was also bought I think, only they're all boss unless they have the costume, I think oh yes help delicious health issue orders there's a bomb and nutritious you can enter your tier with the, gates but you're gonna old oh boy oh boy oh yeah he's a baby you should not be here he's really massive okay just run. Away honestly just run away don't, mess with me rocky you don't wanna mess with this man yeah it's a really big fist oh holy balls he's smashing he is ready to take him down we have to take this out how does, a Mayan away no we have to run away you. Cannot follow us here now okay they got the blue guy I'm almost a full HP by the way you, can simply make love not Warcraft yes that's how we're gonna take him down a lot of pigs yeah I don't think that's gonna work the way i think. Is gonna work ok this guy innings to die thank you how much how long until level 44. You halfway there alright i'm half with little five there's guys coming down here. Oh get him kill prozac its progress waiting oh my God he's gonna kill me I'm actually not doing so hot is she, stunned no he he's here he almost killed me I run away you run away yeah I ran away I hope they're on you that's me exactly don't. Kill. Me we are a team now I was always like a way to disable from the fire to make up make teams or stuff like that he's gonna get some his son, that was gonna be Donell fix I think I'm not kidding him at all oh you're hitting, me sorry my bad go away JJ seem chase him I need to level up I need to level up I know oh he's few stuck here. I'm gonna go get him Oh even if that's all get a little too boo to get all the food you love you Stacy,, flesh okay you mess with this guy I'm gonna say we've needed kill Rubio nut job thanks Ari it's hot I do for noise for both Matthew now. Am i bigger than you do you have a little bit bigger I real no. I'm not not a little for still it's kind of cool how you don't even notice that you got bigger. Over time like when you compare us a lot of people to see LOL i the one that was the. Big guy I'll come into to go by the way proxim get him start him eat him it is face nice cotton kill hogs awesome all right a bomb. In your face come on little guy that, moving fire there do really small and fast I'm like that this is our turf from unless Admiral comes which Admiral. Oh they have no dragon yeah he seems pretty big but I'm actually really close to number two okay trouble trouble trouble trouble in Chinatown oh boy , okay I'll be now see you took my kill oh oh man he's so small and tiny. Need to kill bigger dude we're still here yeah yeah I'm here I'm sorry fizzling it with a psycho.

Yeah I heard like a noise and I thought you describe died so moises mean that my skype died it was like a book what football no no not another chicken noise by the, way you. Are they use close to dying so she like be scared I couldn't betray you honestly oh my god I didn't kill him because like one. Pixel left get the food level 5 okay go away from another guy I'm granitic oh there's a chicken guy you did that is nothin okay take him out indeed eh p. By the way you're in trouble you try icicic help it get away. Get away get away get away okay to pick up the hill to get a help to get help don't we're amazing for the coffee he's, almost dead Jason chase them killed executive thing is he's low on HP oh god I'm in trouble I. Michelle's are still them.

Here they don't know teamwork though like we do that's me yeah I'm going to move my mouse is wonky again King Naga it's not an excuse no no it's not it was fine I skill I cannot, pick up the the help which 1i killer chairman I can't turn fast enough I. Get involved oh it's a good deal fell down like like the dummies they are oh my god one guy's gonna kill me no, you gotta get him down, can each week I need to level up I know how much until develop along a helper there that's very slow don't get glut wicked when I'm punching someone don't walk in front, of me cuz I'm going to run for, you you didn't know I can I just a punching just close yeah get this guy, get this guy gets gotta get him get him get him get him get him get him get him how the does here miss, cuz you have big hands man let's be precise ok come give the HP HP HP HP HP oh yes baby yes no problem is oh my lord ron ron ron ron ron ron ron, he's a big man i don'ti go up here I don't think you, can ok let us lose another area cuz we keep killing, small dudes go go go go go sure your go we can go but they're doing small dudes the problem, with that is to give us very little XP you don't have a lot of flash Africa deep we have to keep moving longer ok let's, kill out on our size guy that would be ok my never mind never mind never mind. For you know what I'm like trying to punch the big man which is a bad idea cuz gonna fund me oh god gathering where could we could take him, on I am going but I'm near skull mountain if you know what that is you have no idea all right i'm, near the place all right I with the rocket I don't think so no maybe, every I think that's the place it's like a pentagram on the. Floor Oh see you see him do you see me oh I saw him but I punched him nothing happens because you here oh he's here he's here. Oh God run okay we have to like we can hide behind the little things I woken up their minds ignore me he is charging. He's starting to shots we've gotta. Go get him though I don't even see my gym Pancham Pancham touching up the shirt size no just punching punching quickly punching punch don't, be sorry son los dirty bastard run run run run run I'm something solid don't I'm alone HP had to like, run we're gonna get him doe can get him get him me and you have to sign him yes very don't judge the shot unless he, stunned so I'm sure to you oh. i love up I'll up just no good is that I'm dead no no don't judge, it the shot unless he stumped I think cuz it wasn't says all he was completely alive you should not have around the end I'm gonna die also ignoring me i can learn alot from your orbs maybe, oh my god why she's a big dough looks like she's just leave him alone don't that's me that's me, that's me not punch me I'm a little friend now we're good for Louie now you follow me I'm.

Just not one it did they won bring in the brawl look exact all. Move move move on to that location oh well I am trying to get him a little up noise it was a bit to be. Fast again I don't know how you hit how you aim is where the cursor is or no, you ain't where you're facing but if you're big, you have a chance to miss that because you're big and not precise you hit with your fist land ok there is the big guy is back here no I killed, and restore girls are trying to get me who those assholes Oh God okay the big man's coming not like that where. Are you where's the big man kills you okay that's annoying please. Don't put another clip oh man ok I'm going towards the clip it's gonna be a cliffhanger who are you really you tides ok I'm here i see. Us cos you kill the chicken man there we go got the costume kill same move move move along never. Gonna use a costume because i have my own, face on this one I like better it's not about using it's about having the guts you don't hear me in the face I'm doing you to move. Like I don't trust you almost all for you fail to be big again no.

I'm fine they're like voices let's go down then slide we oh you're in trouble my friend. Fluffy puff is big not for long smell them he stand his son getting punchy bit of fun you're gonna get stunt I'm not gonna. Get some time fine but when they you get up forming stuns they have a instability and a speed boost yes I know, I like he knew that oh so much delicious XP oh where is the first of, a guy versus the Admiral he has like nine times more on that, mine more like four five six times more XP than me yeah he look at his number it's insane he, has almost a hundred thousand I know it's almost a million and check again all right oh my lord that's even more than a hundred thousands thank you beautiful that's like ten times more, how is it, impossible I can't even count up to million oh I'm not don't want a cute little guy always hit the little guy exactly screw the little guy let's go cross the bridge don't know no guys you're, not let's not go across the bridge is I'm just cuz, I'm gonna pull down oh my i have to go there yes it's in the way don't fall don't fall don't punch me in the face no, I finds a little guy you don't know what you're doing I mean. Even if you punch each other we can just pick up the HP back Oh at least delicious you're just killing them as they. Spawn I'm standing I'm standing son help help me don't punch me by my son's him I sign a little oh joy I don't trust, you I'm getting away I'm gonna go away go away go away if they, follow they're gonna get hit in the face okay Oh give me the HP. Back I'm too far away for a little five to get my full heal okay get get, this guy get this guy get it what guy oh this guy you get him you know get him get the other one I'm afraid to punch someone at your, punching cuz I'm gonna punch you I moved away from him I but still, okay Admiral we're coming for you RV yes it's time for the, final time and not not yet not yet yes yet he didn't get up here or so you cannot do too big that's what she said we haven't used any power ups in, a while haven't seen any yeah if you use a bomb you're gonna die if you, the Rockets are gonna die well not me feel because you have more HP now right deep, help you know you find it good I need help though I need help though they're trying to stun me nice hey get this fish them off get the XP I just can't, I don't wanna and I hit you instead you got your annoying little little red rascal oh there's a chicken. Guy there's a chicken gut which is. A bomb I keep doing a guy he is down here and he's punching to like crazy the big guy yeah as well dragon punch him in, the face face him in the punch he is that all right I, can easily 101 any small small man i'm a little five once i get a little fire going to face, the orange guy there's gonna be a batch of the neck and chicken chicken chicken chicken chicken think of the chicken i, take care of this guy cuz he almost that usual mood oh he's super dead right now when I'm I mean I'm hitting him. I was hitting him he was stunned after he got up i'm not doing him any damage what's up with that i. Just told you he gets, invincibility when they know something son you never listen I told you I'd like two minutes ago yeah i was listening that party or something but you said it's like a speed boost invincibility and the speed boost I, said that all guys it's coming alright you ready but it shall really mercy he's right here, okay let's let's divide him was he like him one came about I'm going back over in the. Back yeah it's too late for. That he's gonna decide oh I'm sorry I'm even though I'm stun 20 champagne I know I'm message ID love it it's. Not even sorry I'm excited he is wrong d-sub evil Senate I oh my lord lord run run run, run run let's give another shot your fault your fault i'm told yes you're taking pedal where you see right here don't die though don't die i'm gonna send I'm some help I hadn't run I love well you. Pull he'll get him. You can get him can I yes we did it punching oh there's a little guy punching us you look here now I'm number two there's only five people. Got you killed all the boss this is amazing although i stunned me yeah. He has a shrimp fest this was amazing we kill the final boss wicked now i am the final boss exactly run you know what. This means no it's time battle death kill him fight me you coward never yes, stop messing with me think man a little are you sick yep you. Five if we try a little have a bit more we can get up to level 7 i'm really gonna kill me, yes now we're gonna be okay i got a good i'm not going to get time now to get this is a bomb are you really gonna kill me no or maybe yes where are you yeah. The little guys hahaha I'm dead oh I think this is, a good time to end this one we kill the final. Boss it was amazing I thought the bomb wouldn't kill me because I was a full HP but we were you won't know if you can like to throw it I think I threw, it away once but I don't know how I think also there's your time so i have no. Idea i go to the combat guide just punching items I don't see like like there's regularly to move, I don't think you can do anything with the bomb I don't i'm not quite sure but yeah I, think we're gonna just end this one here you guys enjoyed. Brutes if you guys want to see more of Bruce let us know in the comments you would like to show your support and. All that jazz yeah when I actually just end this one here taking guys much watching my name. Is meant to set up in here with your one and only King workhard from Holly ballgames and we will punch you next time .