G'day g'day fellas welcome to she di OU game of the week we're not playing a CD I yo game this is a great io game because we got laser. Face in the game the developers literally put my face in, it what absolute legends built the like button if you're aroused by my face on a muscly body anyway good a g'day fellas this is an i/o game called Bruce I oh it's kind, of like gang beef but it's an i/o game so you kill you. Punch it to death and you gain points yeah it's pretty simple you just beat to death but you can also level up and get bigger like that guy's way.

Too big for me but I can beat this I could meet out, of this dude kick his ass oh look he's down the grand punch. Him punch him punch him ok finish him off knocking the out loads of ice yeah oh yeah go ahead all like to it's a big tube bloody. Bastard now it is like the closed beta starts pretty empty there's not a lot of other players but I did get my, brother and my best mate been in here, oh you guys love my brother don't don't you remember that time it was in a video all you. Did was calling pretty there wasn't even in comments calling me pretty he won't be pretty when I beat the out, of his face yes ma'am reads no one into play so I kick his ass wait this is it he's, the blue one his laser beam sucks oh and Frankenstein is about 250. Das get him Frankenstein come on him up Joe no sir my brother his laser beam sucks we're definitely gonna kick his ass punch it off punches us knock him out get him on. The ground he's already bigger than me this is unfair hey just like my entire childhood he he beat the out of. Me he's pretty. And he's better at games why do I even live so I'm pretty much just competing with my brother and my mate well you just committed suicide haha good one Jared your dickhead Jared, bombs blow up yeah if you hold a bomb too long you explode see he got the look I. Got the brains I'm the smart, one of the family okay I'm going to beat up some little birds is what laser beam does I can't fight people I just beat to how to animal so it's really cool this this i. Owe game has like big bosses and stuff like there's AI characters that are giant, Frankenstein monsters but they're also on the leaderboard, they're like actual players wait I think I found my mate laser no balls that's been that's my mate been , you been so as always lads my goal in IO games is to become number one and reach the max level. As you can see I just grew some muscles took some steroids like my brother Jared and now i'm a bit bigger look at me I'm here it's a way bigger, than this go and I killed him or later no balls I'll show you who's, got no balls well I mean I don't really have any balls left after the steroids either but committee laser no balls you can't get. Away with that a punch got a kill Oh ladies and, no balls has a ball get the bomb I die ah well that was pretty intense yeah this is a fun io game because it's, like an actual game which is pretty sick well those guys join but he has low health I. Think I might be able to get him get it got. Him yes so many experience points feels good be able to beat stuff up because in real life I, have the biceps of an 11 year old girl live in your old girl and now i'm going to kill laser beam sucks come here Jared this is, for my childhood buddy look at him run like a pussy he's always been a pussy he's oh. I don't see your face in the game Jared I don't see you having a face ya da da I'm a. Savage I'm just slaughter and things so laser no balls I'll show you no balls oh.

He knocked me the out quick hop up and run pop up and run like a vagina I'm number three on the leaderboards that lays in no balls is number two, wanker I got to. Get help somehow I'm snow low on health I can't fight anyone if I'm bloody this slow one else it's ridiculous I, mean I can still kill birds though ya got a lot of animal cruelty hey laser beam sucks down here he's blow him, up ah I'm literally a professional video game player I know it's hard to believe and you can still beat, me please send Jared dick pics it get payback for me alright i picked up a powerup it's got an ambush ambush box well I'm being sneaky I'm.

Hardened oh I'm gonna sneak up on Jared and punches us he'll never suspect a thing, never seen none of it coming oh wait there's ladies and no balls I huge he's huge surprise punch it up get, his ass let's double-team him come buddy let's double-team him knocking about not gonna get. Him on the ground oh I've knocked him on the ground oh I got knocked on the ground too oh that sucks it yeah kill the, other guy this is crazy run pick up, the experience ball you know I'm going to suicide come here come here later no balls I'll show you that I. Got a ball I'll show you that I got a ball bro come here come here, you pussy come here no so run for me I'm gonna blow you up well I just feel like I, killed myself for no reason wait I didn't die how did I not die ha ok i have no experience but i leveled up which refreshes my health gotta kill and now number 40 his Jared, his laser beam sucks I'm gonna.

Fight him he's quite bigger than me but I have laser say I he knocked me off, he's got me please get out of there get out of there hahaha stop bullying me Jared you dickhead I'm dad's favorite hello quick this other guys fight and Jared hey I thought I could sneak in their. Punches a side I'd now died oh and now ladies and no balls his number one he's mocking, me see I let both of them play because I thought I was just going to kick their ass this. Is not happening how I wanted it to it's going to help you get him or punch him punch him, get him on, the ground yes kill him yeah hahaha you and I leveled up do some Debs oh I want chicken tonight chicken tonight oh now I'm level 3 i'm growing more ammo I am man I love punching birds that's what. You get for, being a bird although here's the Frankenstein guys little now Nazis us yeah not kill him finish him yes got him okay look at that I'm number two, but laser no balls is very far in front I'm coming for your bed I'm on the hunt for laser no balls he, is huge he is twice my size Hey look a little guy yeah I love beating up people that are smaller than me this is great. Yeah I is the experience easy experience. All this guy's loke ready charge up a punch you can do that knocking me out got him all of this, little Jared oh now who's the big brother you bitch punches dick punchy's dick come play with me Jared don't be such a vagina well it's like. Come on come on got him he's actually a great big brother but still I enjoyed killing him all right I'm, solid in number two now I think once you get to a certain level it's really, hard to die really hard to do so now it's just a, battle between me and Ben laser no balls oh come on mike is like knocking out. A child yeah now look at me look at me going so this is what I'd look like if I hit the, gym well it's still never going to happen i'm too lazy well there is later no balls his number one but he blow he's low punches are oh you're. Ruthless bandit your little you ruined it i had him come on it's just like beating up a child you do this in my sleep boom. Oh good bomb no no Jared no no no perfect run no you oh I, came so close to death oh my god yeah Jared nah you. Almost got me till you dickhead wait ladies no balls died yes I've always wanted been to die you'll yeah first, time playing it in the ty io game of the week and I'm number one no one can, stop me now this game is just laser beam beats up kids now it's just little, people everywhere and I could just slaughter them what that yeah yeah I'm going to pick up one of these ambushed our up well well no yeah no one can see laser face under that cardboard, box can they ready surprise chicken. Oh yeah those dells fun yeah punching birds is all there is for laser beam to do now punch birds I'm pretty sure punching birds gives me health which. Means the game is encouraging me to punch birds this is my game of the year oh there's lazy thing sucks, run run hopefully he killed himself please kill yourself yes yes I'm so glad my brother killed himself there's. Some things you can only get away with saying in the video, I well there's laser no balls I don't have a lot of health don't know if I should fight him oh he's faster than me let's go. I've got the high ground give up Anakin I have to higher ground law and knocked him on his ass pound impound him and, then run I don't have a lot of health but neither does he neither does he come on. Your vagina let's go nobles because if, you don't have balls your vagina maybe Ben is right maybe I have no balls let's do battle on this.

Bridge we both just cure H over what piece of garbage is that this game is so dove oh it's so stupid I still, have work to do in this game although I've been number one I haven't been max level I'm about to kill this guy that's going to help a lot whoa do some tabs, level did you just kill himself again that was guerra wasn't it okay somehow I'm number one again this, is great I'm having the time of my life, I want to see how big i can become know so I'm not done I still have.

Some work to do because I want to I want to become max level why are you running away Jared, damn for someone so big he'd be amazed that he has a vagina come here man oh damn it I pulled a Jared and killed myself belt the bloody like button if you enjoyed it you're, all a bunch of body legend check out this video I'll sell your sales later, and as always cheer cells .